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Insight Investigations - We've changed the way you investigate

Our highly trained and experienced investigators are the best in the industry. Our award winning surveillance department is equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment to meet all of your surveillance needs in a timely and discreet manner.
Know who you are hiring and their employment history with Insight?s extensive pre-employment screening investigation that also incorporates both reference and background checks.
When you need to know the legitimacy of your claim NOW, trust the industry leading professionals at Insight Investigations, Inc to find out. When immediate results matter, you need Insight Investigations, Inc.
Insight Investigations offers the most informative and extensive background checks, consisting of a variety of options to meet your needs. Insight professionals can assist you in determining exactly which service caters to your needs, then provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report in a timely manner.
Insight?s S.I.U. department can handle all of your needs such as scene photography, statements, witness locating, DMV searches, insurance in households, as well as scene diagramming.... just to name a few. Insight can also handle all of your bi-lingual interviews.
Insight is the innovator of the industry leading social media investigation V.I.A. There are many imitators, but there is only one V.I.A., the most extensive internet investigation. V.I.A. is staffed with highly trained investigators from various universities in the region that solely specialize in internet forensics.

InSight Investigations Inc. is a privately owned investigation company with it's home office in Philadelphia, PA. InSight Investigations Inc. specializes in Video Surveillance throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and Florida. In addition to the industry standard of mailing our product, we also provide reports as well as all case related media from this website to any client with internet access. InSight Investigations Inc. also provides nationwide Special Investigations Unit (SIU) services including but not limited to Employment Background Checks, Asset Checks, the retrieval of DMV Records, Criminal Records, Court Records, Insurance in Household verification, Statements, Locates, Scene Photos and Hospital Canvasses.

Cutting Edge Investigation Services


Insight Investigations, Inc. is the industry leader in technology and employs a team of highly trained investigators to handle all of your surveillance needs. At Insight, we pride ourselves on technology, education and experience coupled with timely service and results that will assist you in mitigating your claims. We presently service and are licensed in five (5) states and continue to develop a progressive plan for expansion. Insight?s experience and quality assurance programs have enabled us to meet our clients? needs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Florida. Insight also features a fully interactive website ?client dashboard? which enables our clients to immediately view videos, receive status updates and stay current with all aspects of their caseload. When you need the best in the industry there is only one call you need to make 1-888-4-INSITE.

V.I.A. - Virtual Information Analysis

The internet has opened up a whole new world for investigators, but navigating and sifting through this frenetic and tumultuous virtual world of information takes a skilled and highly trained investigator. Insight Investigations knows gathering reliable information is critical to your case. V.I.A. was developed to ensure our clients are provided with an internet investigation that is thorough, factual and that?s delivered to you in a timely manner. Managed and Directed by Dana Pescatore since its inception in 2009. Dana is a specialist at this streamlined, methodical and efficient approach to gathering information via the internet. The product has been such a success for our clients that there are many imitators but there is only one V.I.A.

S.I.U. - Special Investigations Unit

Insight Investigations, Inc. has a state of the art S.I.U. department with a staff of highly trained investigators with combined experience of over 80 years. Our S.I.U department handles all aspects of investigations whether it?s Statements, witness locating, DMV Searches, Pre-Employment Screening, Subpoena Service, Background Checks, Scene Photos and Diagrams along with Asset Checks and Insurance In Household just to name a few. When it comes to subrogation we realize your needs and our team with the experience and knowledge to handle your claims in a timely, professional and knowledgeable manner.